So I’m Allie. Or Lani. Whichever you prefer. I’m 28, both wise and naΓ―ve. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and you’ll never forget it I promise.

One day I’ll do something crazy, something big, something that matters. But I haven’t thought of what that is yet honestly.

I’m a dreamer, head firmly in the clouds. I plan and strive and do, even when there’s nothing, nothing, nothing.

My writing style will probably piss you off since it’s a bit eclectic at best, erratic with sudden stops in the flow of things.

I like to think I’m poetic but I know I’m not. But hey.

I’m just me.

I haven’t really decided on what I should write about on a blog. Hell, I can’t even decide on a blog. I’m about as Sagittarius as it gets right? Indecisive.

If you’re interested in my musings and really want my true thoughts, stick around. I promise I won’t bite.